Sleep Apnea

Today I got the results from a sleep study I took recently. I have mild sleep apnea. That means I only stop breathing every six or so minutes. Here’s the interesting part. The sleep dentist I’m being referred to has a pretty informative website. Apparently sleep apnea can cause anxiety attacks, palpitations, AFib, and dementia. Coincidentally these are all problems that I have or might have. Naturally I checked out those website claims, and they appear to be true. As much as I really don’t want to have sleep apnea, or get treatment for sleep apnea, I’ll do what it takes to not have more cognitive decline.

When I was diagnosed with Mild Neurocognitive Disorder (mNCD) I was told that if I followed some best practices I should be able to keep the cognitive abilities I have now, but I won’t be getting any of my memory back. I didn’t want a sleep study, because I don’t want a CPAP machine, but I’m willing to put up with whatever necessary in order to not damage any more of my precious brain cells.

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